ref: rina sawayama


freelance painter

if you want to buy a piece from me, you can fill out a commission form. check the pieces for sale section if you want to buy a piece i've already made.

what art would you like to view?

about the artist

name: olivia
age: nineteen
pronouns: she/her

My name is Olivia and I am a 19 year old artist. I have been making art for as long as I can remember but I started to seriously create when I was 17. I enjoy making many kinds of art with different mediums.

I love to watch horror movies, I love painting, and I love playing guitar. I also love animals.

how to contact me

email me!
my email is [email protected]

how to pay me

you can pay me through cashapp or you can email me about another way you'd like to pay c:


done with acrylic paint
some photos will be angled or will have a flare

ref: Deftones' "Saturday Night Wrist" album cover

ref: Willow Smith's "WILLOW" album cover

ref: Sunset at Hydrangea Hills photographed by Tommy Tsutsui

ref: Poppy "I Disagree" photoshoot. Shot by Jesse Draxler

ref: Rina Sawayama for DIY Magazine shot by Jess Farran

none of these pieces are for sale although i am willing to recreate them for anyone who wants them

anime art

created with watercolor paint, colored pencil, and liner pens
description is under each photo

noe archeviste
vanitas no carte

yor forger
spy x family

tomura shigaraki
my hero academia

michiko malandro
michiko and hatchin

dominique de sade
vanitas no carte

gojo satoru
jujutsu kaisen

gojo satoru
jujutsu kaisen

manjiro sano
tokyo revengers

for sale
$50.00 USD
todoroki shoto
my hero academia

vanitas no carte

misa amane
death note

my hero academia

kaneki ken
tokyo ghoul


all from my sketchbooks, which are 8 x 5 and 12 x 14 inches

pieces for sale

50.00 USD
todoroki shoto
12 x 9 inches
acrylic paint on canvas panel